Whether you have a one bedroom property requiring only a gas safety certificate or a HMO requiring the safety certificate package we are always happy to help.



I only have one property are you interested?

Welcome,  YES!

I am only too happy to help I was there once myself so yes! 

How quickly can you carry out my safety checks as I forgot to book?

Normally we book 1-2 weeks in advance BUT if it is an emergency we will try our best to help you out. If there are no issues we can usually email you or the agent the certs the next working day. 

I have no tenants yet can you collect keys as I cant be there?

Yes! we can collect keys locally free of charge whether it is from the agent a neighbour lock box or your place of work.

Can you replace my HMO fire extinguisher if required?

Yes, we are qualified to replace the extinguisher.  

How much does a portable appliance test cost ? what happens if the hoover fails?

The cost of the portable appliance test is only £48 for up to to 25 items which normally covers most rental properties. If any item fails the PAT we will make the appliance safe document the issue and inform the agent or yourself.

Legionella Risk Assessment, what happens if there an issue?

If there are any risks highlighted your property manager should contact you regarding this matter to be addressed. 

EPC Can you advise me how to improve the property rating during or after the survey?

Unfortunately there are legal restrictions on what information assessors can offer BUT you can contact Home Energy Scotland.

Why are your prices low?

Another good question, at Coolflame we regularly review our business overheads expenses and pass the saving on to yourself.